In a world where we are blind to see what is happening offline. We keep on buying new items which we definitly do not need, forgetting about the shit we and up with.

‘Koop Een Nieuwe’ aka ‘(Buy a New One)’ is a 4 minute video clip from a parallel universe. In this picture perfect world, literally every one is buying new stuff. Spending is the norm and ‘sustainability’ is the everlasting loser. No one in this world knows how much afford it costs to keep on producing star-eyed, dumping it after one time use.

Everybody keeps on spending, because that what all your friends do too. We all know that climate change is a big issue and resources are getting rare. All the effects are wide aware, but we do not seem to care or even blame our own consumer behavior  for it.

‘Koop een Nieuwe’ is a movie written by Marie-Anne Faustinelli, Kuub and VPRO dorst. The project is accomplished with De Ontmoeting. Art direction by Nick Beens.


In this up to speed world, the ‘NIWE’ is the parodie for all the gadget we use, get for free or need because it is a trend, while knowing there is no need for it!

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september 5, 2018